Electronic Benefits Protection

The comments of A fort lauderdale CONSUMER LAWYER – as well as two dozen other consumer and community groups on Treasury’ proposal to regulate the delivery of federal benefits through check cashers (April, 1999) The comments of A CONSUMER LAWYER, as well as over a dozen other national and local consumer and community groups, regarding [...]

Actual Case History

I continued to go through the patient’s deposition, feeling that the plastic surgeon had conformed to the applicable standards of care. The deposition then referred to a page in the patient’s chart wherein which there was a drawing of the outline of a female body. Notations were present on it, and there was a handwritten [...]

San Francisco and Yuma Car Accidents

San Francisco police vow action after pedestrian accident deaths Motor vehicles have been hitting pedestrians at an alarming rate in San Francisco. Many victims have suffered serious injury because the driver was reckless or negligent, or broke traffic laws. Even more concerning, seven people died in pedestrian accidents in December, including a 6-year-old girl. Overall, [...]

White Collar Criminal Crime

White Collar Criminal/Federal Regulatory/Government Contracts Representation of McDonnell Douglas Corporation in the A-12 litigation, the largest claim ever brought against the U.S. Government. This litigation resulted from the Government’s termination, allegedly for default, of its contract with McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics Corporation for the design and development of the Navy’s A-12 stealth attack aircraft. Our qualified [...]

Products and Professional Liability

Products and Professional Liability Representation of American Home Products Corporation’s subsidiary Corometrics Medical Systems, a manufacturer of electronic fetal heart and other electronic monitors, and its Sherwood Medical Company subsidiary, a manufacturer of dental and medical needles and instruments. Representation of General Motors Corporation in cases concerning the manufacture and design of cars, trucks and their components, including [...]

Litigation and Arbitration

Our qualified lawyers represent  litigation and claims arising from the United States government’s default termination of a multi-billion dollar contract, with McDonnell Douglas and General Dynamics, for the development and production of the A-12 medium attack stealth aircraft. This litigation, brought in the United States Court of Federal Claims, involves the largest contract termination claim [...]