Charitable Run Highlights Devastation Of Teen Car Accidents

In our last post, we discussed the fact that New Jersey officials are renewing their focus on preventing distracted driving behavior and enforcing distracted driving laws. In particular, these officials are concerned about the number of teen drivers being killed in serious Portland auto accidents caused by distracted driving.

Public awareness campaigns, stricter laws and serious enforcement efforts can go a long way towards preventing further dangerous behavior on the part of teen motorists. But one of the best ways to honor those who have been killed and to help prevent others from the same fate is to recognize the stories of individuals whose deaths occurred far too soon.

At the end of October, a 5K run was scheduled to honor the memory of a New Jersey teen who was killed in a car crash several years ago. Her family has dedicated their time and devotion to ensuring that other New Jersey teens do not suffer the same tragic fate as this young woman. Her family has spread a simple message for years, according to local media. That message is: “Say yes to life: drive responsibly.”

Pairing human faces and stories with the statistics of horrific accidents can help novice drivers to better understand the kinds of consequences their driving decisions may have on themselves and others.

Some boca injury lawyers have taken it upon themselves to educate New Jersey teens about the consequences of drinking and driving. Others are focusing on aggressive or distracted driving. In every case, individuals throughout the Garden State are on crusades to educate teen drivers and prevent senseless fatalities.

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