Most fatal car accidents related to lack of seat belt use

We have covered many fatal  car accidents in detroit, mi on this blog. One of the common characteristics in these accidents is that many  drivers die needlessly because they fail to wear seat belts. A new study into this year’s car accident deaths reveals that 60 percent of the deaths are attributable to not wearing safety restraints.

“We are taking this situation quite seriously,” said ‘s director of the Office of Highway Safety. “It’s particularly distressing to see such an increase when we know that buckling your seat belt is one of the simplest, fastest, and most effective ways to prevent being killed or injured in a crash.”

During the state’s summer seat belt enforcement campaign 1,203 people were ticketed for not being buckled up.  seat belt usage fell to 90.3 percent this year, down from 90.7 percent in 2010. Sussex County had the fewest drivers using seat belts with a 90 percent seat belt usage rate. The county accounts for 37 percent of the unrestrained car accident deaths in the state.

“We are very concerned about all the lives that we have lost on  roads this year,” said Lewis Schiliro, secretary for  Safety and Homeland Security. “The use of seat belts is a critical part of reducing the number of fatalities in this state.”

So far 50 people have died on  roads. Almost three quarters of those who died were males of an average age of 43. The remaining quarter were women with an average age of 30.

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